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Cambron's approach to Organisational Development and Human Resource Management is simple; we aim to "work together" with your organisation to create efficiencies by aligning people management needs to your higher level organisational goals. We do this with our unique products supported by consultants with many years experience across a range of industries.

Cambron's initial mission was to provide generalist HR services. However, when engaging with clients, it quickly became apparent that there was a real gap between management aspirations to link employee performance to organisational goals and available tools to deliver those aspirations.

It wasn't long before we developed and implemented the first version of our employee review and development software. Upon releasing version 8 we know that our software is now without peer and has achieved generational change in HR and organisational support. Cambron HR Manager now delivers so much more than even we could have envisaged.

We have also developed a range of other software to assist organisations to directly link employee performance, development and culture to high level outcomes - such as strategic plans, quality, risk and accreditation.

Building software that grows organisations through the aligned empowerment of their employees is now our core business.

Click on any of the listed services to learn more although, as we all know, people issues are complex and solutions may not be obvious from a few lines on a web site. If you think we can assist contact us for a chat, after all it is free.